Carbon Mast Mylar Main Sail 14.45sm
Curve Boards 18.5sm Spinnaker
Captive Mast  Step Adjustable Tiller Extension
Equipped w/  Harken Gear  Mesh Trampoline
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Type Multihull
No. of Crew 1
Opt Crew Weight 90kg
Hull Material GRP
Number of Trapeze 2
Hull Length 5.25 m
Beam Length 2.59 m
Mainsail Area 14.45 m2
Spinnaker Area 18.5 m2
Boat Weight 140

* see rules




The F17na concept is to keep alive single-handed sailing in Nacra's 17-ft boats in North America, with simplified rules that allow older F17s to still come to events and race with the newest F17na(s) and have all of them be part of the well-established Nacra single-handed 17 family.

A few points on the new rules:

·       One mainsail for all the boats (14.45 m2) excluding the mast

·       One spinnaker (18.5 m2)

·       BB spinnaker will be phased out, the new main & boards will favor the heavier sailors.

All I-17R(s) & F17(s) are grandfather in



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